WinAtLife by NuStrength is a program designed for women to build bodies they love and free them from restrictive diets and cardio forever!

Try my FREE 28 Day Strong Not Skinny Challenge. This challenge is designed to set you up with the tools and knowledge to build a body you love and finally break free from restrictive diets and cardio.

In the challenge I share with you:

✅The foods I used to heal my metabolism. I now eat 2400 calories a day of food I love like cheese, ice cream, dairy, potatoes, fruit, OJ and even my homemade chocolate brownies. No bird food!

✅The training programs I used to build a toned and athletic body training just 3 days per week, no cardio.

✅Two free guides: The 12 Foods every woman should be eating to speed up her metabolism and Protein101 guide for women.


👉Craig and I run free weekly live training and you get access to my Facebook group Body By Design full of women just like you for support. 

The entire challenge is conveniently delivered to you via Facebook Messenger with a new task coming each day.

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See you in the challenge

Kitty 💪